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Nov 25, 2016
2 minutes read

five381 is probably my fourth or fifth attempt at starting a blog. With any luck it will be my last and successful go at it. This all started while I was playing around with the Kotlin 1.1 EAP. Kotlin is a strongly typed language for the JVM with constructs around nullability designed to provide compile time safety to prevent null pointer exceptions. Additionally, they have an experimental Javascript compile target, and I thought it would be neat to try to write an isomorphic application in Kotlin and then blog about it. The downside of trying to do this with an Early Access Preview is that the developers have explicitly made it clear that there are no compatibility guarantees. As Kotlin 1.1 is still in flux, I found my project breaking in odd ways as they progressed to the 2nd and 3rd releases of the EAP (3rd party dependencies with incompatibilities with the new reflection APIs…). The Kotlin devs are making a lot of progress and I am excited for them to release the stable version of 1.1 where I’ll complete the project.

In the meantime I chose Hugo, a static site generator written in Go. It is fast, flexible, and very easy to get started with. Plus, I really dislike installing software via pip, npm, or other language specific package managers. Hugo is distributed as a single statically linked binary without any dependencies, yay!

For hosting I went with Netlify. Netlify is platform for deploying static content to a CDN they operate. They offer 1-click SSL setup, continuous deployment, and a free tier. While S3/Cloudfront could easily serve the same purpose, you cannot beat the price of free and the platform saved me from dealing with scripting around AWS to get the same set of features. Easy Win.

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